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Introduction to the Metatheory of Change

Pre-Conference Workshop

April 21 - 22, 2018

"A complex world needs sophisticated mentoring, coaching, or consulting."

Klaus Eidenschink

This introductory workshop into the Metatheory of Change is the first one presented to an international audience resp. Next Stage World Gathering. It is meant to discover and verify this unique and comprehensive consulting approach with regard to clearly reframe and extend one’s own competency of change.

The metatheoretical approach by Klaus Eidenschink & Partner enables us to get a comprehensive picture about how the current situation of the client (-system) is generated beyond of what is en vogue and quick fixes. By being introduced to the basics of the Metatheory of Change you gain a precise understanding of starting points and conditions which allow change work to become effective instead of superficially result in “improvements.”

We are exploring the facts of the VUCA world and how does the Metatheory of Change enables elegant handling of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity of organisational and individual conditions and situations. The Metatheory of Change focuses on the self-organising principle at hand and harnesses a process-oriented view on the world we live in.

In this interactive workshop you will not only obtain a well-structured overview of the Metatheory of Change, we are going into practice and going to make use of our practical questions in our roles as senior managers and change leaders in organsiations, as coaches and consultants working in and with organisations.

Some of the key-questions on the theoretical ground of Metatheory of Change are:

  • What does Metatheory mean?
  • Why do we have to think thoroughly about change?
  • What are the three basic needs of the soul
    bond, self- determination, and self-respect and their polarities with regard to leadership, organisational work, and change about?
  • What roles do the Guiding Processes play in mentoring team and organisational development against the background to organisational, team and psycho dynamics?
  • Are conflicts “natural” and inherent in organisations?!

Approaching the Metatheory of Change in Practice

  • Joint practical exploration about our experiences with the basic needs of our soul bond, self- determination, and self-respect in organisational settings
  • Group exercise with regard to one of the guiding processes
  • Experiencing practically the VUCA world first hand
  • Circle dialogue on your individual and organisational questions against the background of what we have learned and reflected
  • Harvesting of what we have learned and mattered to us

This is the frame of the workshop Introduction to the Metatheory of Change which is subject to change according to your specific requirements or to the flow of the workshop process.

Starting on Saturday, 21st April: 16:00-18:30 & Ending on Sunday, 22nd April 2018:   10:30-12:30 and 14:30-17:00

Workshop fee: 250 €

The workshop is led by Jürgen Grosse-Puppendahl,
co-hosted by Maria Bakari and N.N.

We are inviting you to this new thorough mentoring
and consulting work by The Metatheory of Change for
initiating innovation and development.

For more information: (in English language also available)

NSW 3: Greece

Apr 23, 9:30 AM | Halki
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