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Facilitating Transformational Conversations

Post-Conference Workshop

April 27 - 29, 2018

"Only what you are, what you have realized and embodied can you support in others.”

— Thomas Hübl

On the journey towards self-management, wholeness and purpose at work, have you stumbled upon / experienced any limits of your habitual coaching, mentoring or management approaches ?  What would it be like if you could further enrich and extend your capacity to facilitate conversations that evoke and enable transformation in the other (and yourself)?

Our intention

Supporting all of us to develop the ability to hold transformative conversations that move us forward to the world we aspire to live in. By this, we mean conversations that matter with individuals, teams, organisations and social systems that are all networks of conversations.

For whom

This workshop is for those who are passionate about their own ongoing development, and know that they can facilitate change in others, as coaches/mentors or organizational leaders, only to the extent that they have developed themselves.


We invite you to a collaborative exploration of:

  • What is and what isn’t the role of a Teal mentor / facilitator ? Why a change agent shouldn’t even think about changing people?
  • What does “vertical development” mean, and how can we experience it in our life?
  • What can catalyze decisive transformational shifts in our interventions?
  • How to recognize when the conditions (in the mind, heart, body) for such shift are present and not to push it when they are not?
  • H​ow the next-stage version of yourself and your organization wants to come into being and what you can do to support it​?
  • How the integral lense held to how we are and operate can make us better coaches and mentors?
  • What are the typical mistakes that kill “Teal” initiatives and what are we learning from them?
  • How the hierarchy of purpose is replacing the purpose of hierarchy in next-stage organizations?

The list is neither complete, nor final. As you may expect from a NSW workshop, the curriculum is you, the questions newly arising in you just before and during the workshop.

Our continued work together: from roots to fruits

A generative conversation with one of our hosts, prior to the workshop, will let us get better acquainted with each other and let your needs and aspirations refine the workshop design.

During our 2 days in Rhodes, you will practice key abilities of successful teal mentors.
Those will be also the moments when you start preparing yourself for turning everything you learned in the NSW gathering  into your ways of supporting others (people and/or companies), on their developmental journey.

Even after we leave the island, you will be able to learn and practice with your peers in a growing international community of next-stage mentors, which will be professionally facilitated to accelerate our development by our shared learning.

The perspective we take and some approaches we’ll tap into

What if there was no Teal, no conceptual clutches, only the breathtaking freedom to become an ever-better edition of ourselves, as people and organizations? Yes, there are stages on the developmental journey, but over-focusing on them turns them into a prize to yearn for, instead of the expression of simply being alive and evolving.

Together, we’ll work on our real-life challenges in conversation, and practice some of the key gifts of (illustrative) : Action Inquiry, Somatics, Action Learning, the Map of Meaning, Integral Theory applications, Transparent Communications, Teal Indicators Matrix, as well as starting and cultivating a Community of Practice (as a way of introducing Teal breakthroughs in organizations at low risk).

If you’d like to receive updates about the design of this workshop as it unfolds, let us know by sending a message to

Your Workshop Hosts

Maud Raber

My passion is to foster the growth of whole-person, authentic and impactful leadership for our turbulent times, through embodiment, action inquiry and collective intelligence. I support my clients to develop the ways of being which support wholeness, self-management, and listening to evolutionary purpose. I have facilitated transformations in people, teams, and organizations for the last 13 years in coaching, mentoring and consulting roles internationally.  

You can find out more about my roles and work here.

George Pór

I love to connect people with their higher potential and watch their eyes light up with excitement when they discover it. I’ve been a transformation junkie in all my adult life. Not for the sheer thrill of seeking novelty, but for the joy that my freshly discovered new capabilities brought to my life. I enjoy sharing what I learned about the journey itself. You can find out about my “Enlivening Edge” identity, my role as a consultant, my writings & presentations, and some testimonials about my work.

Anna Betz

Rediscovering my life’s evolutionary purpose has been the most impactful force in my development.  I have been able to engage with this journey and meet the challenges creatively thanks to all the benevolent and nurturing relationships in my life and the different practices I discovered. You can find out more about me at Enlivening Edge – News from Next-Stage Organisations and Future Considerations. As a coach, facilitator and mindfulness teacher, I  help to unlock the potential present but dormant within individual and collective systems.

This link leads you to some of my writings.

Dates and Fees:

Starting on Friday, 27th April: 17:30-19:30
Saturday, 28 April: 9:30 – 12:30 and 14:00-18:00
Ending Sunday, 29 April, 13:00

Fee: : 285€

NSW 3: Greece

Apr 23, 9:30 AM | Halki
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