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Natural Organizations Lab

It was during the September 2016 gathering that Shiro Yoshihara introduced the concepts of natural gardening and farming as a metaphor for Teal organizing. Now, Shiro and Yuko join us in April 2017 in collaboration with farmers in Rhodes to deepen our collective understanding through this lens.

We Are Natural Organizations Lab

Shiro and Yuko Yoshihara

  • Our Project
    Guided by our evolutionary purpose, we have ‘Natural’ gardens in Japan and implement ‘Natural’ farming retreat with CEO, managers and members of organizations for their evolution. We also had a similar farming retreat in NewZealand.

Our Collaboration with Next Stage World

We are planning to have a farming retreat in Rhodes collaborating with best partners of Next-Stage World. We are very happy to have such an opportunity.

Story of our logo

The circle means a cabbage.
There is a caterpillar on the cabbage.
The caterpillar eats the outer leaves of the cabbage.
The three dots near the cabbage are composts from the caterpillar.
The composts help cabbage’s next generation grow up.
That means the cycle of continuing life in nature.
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