Next Stage World

Towards a NSW Regenerative Economy Frame

 In line with our World’s Enquiry for a New, Fair and Healthy Economic System, we are asking the question: 

What Kind of Eco-logy* can our Operating Eco-nomy* be?… 

Our unfolding response(s) to this question bring us to an evolving frame with the following key points at this moment: 

If you truly feel called to take part in this Global Gathering of Courageous Pioneers and your means do not allow you to pay the full price:
We can suggest you pay a minimum of  €375,- plus whatever you feel like you are willing and able to pay for the value you expect to get from us.
After the gathering, we offer you the opportunity to adjust your contribution. €375,- is fixed, everything above is up to you to decide.

In any case: Do not let money restrictions be an obstacle. Please get in touch with us at for a special – just and …mutually supportive and world-benefiting arrangements. 

We would love to assist and find creative solutions together! 

For those of you, Organisations, Leaders, Teams, who are already following the integrity of Gift Economy and or pioneering in this field and are able to do so also on monetary basis, do follow our  Generosity Principle: “Offer as much as you can and a little bit more for those who can afford less”. Do get in touch with us to see how we can best do this in service of the Whole. 

We are co-creating an operating and evolving frame where zero waste and maximum thriving is a central principle. It covers multiple contexts and of being, relating, giving and receiving, being in relationship with our energy, the hosting place, the purpose of this Gathering – operating from a point of awareness of interdependence. 

Prototyping a new Economy in Kind and beyond is part of the Next Stage World Field’s Ongoing Enquiry.    

Self-Organisation fosters Organic Economy and therefore the Principle: “Ask For What you Need – Offer What You Can” underpins NSW.  Be so welcome to contact us at: .

*These two quotes by Charles Eisenstein explain and highlight the bridge we are making between Ecology and Economy:

 “When you see the world as a living being, then you start to see each being as an organ, as a being. You see that each being is somehow contributing. It is important. It has a role to play in maintaining health.”  

“To conduct a revolution of love, we must reconnect with the reality of our system and its victims. When we tear away the ideologies, the labels and the rationalisations, we show ourselves the truth of what we are doing, and conscience awakens.” ~ Charles Eisenstein 

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