Next Stage World

Dates: May 11-15 2020, Halki, Greece.

Who is this gathering for?

Next Stage World gathering is perfect for you if your role contributes to re-imagining your business within the context of the societal transition we are navigating.

Re-positioning the strategy and development of the organisation to create and deliver better results with care for all its stakeholders as a priority, including people and the planet.

It’s ideal for organisation development roles, in house consultants, project managers, leaders and coaches who are action driven, care deeply about their organisation and the world we live in and want to succeed at a higher level of performance with an articulated and enthusiastic team.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for years or if you’re just starting out, the Next Stage World gathering will help you transform your thinking, your business models and your impact.

Our holistic process will help you see more of the complexity that your organisation is operating in.

It will stretch you as a leader taking you to your own developmental edge.

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