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When and where is the NSW Gathering?

Next Stage World Gathering is on May 11-15, 2020, Halki, Greece.

Who is this gathering for?

Next Stage World gathering is perfect for you if your role contributes to re-imagining your business within the context of the societal transitions we are navigating.

Re-positioning the strategy and development of the organisation to create and deliver better results with care for all its stakeholders as a priority, including people and the planet.
It’s ideal for organisation development roles, in house consultants, project managers, leaders and coaches who are action driven, care deeply about their organisation and the world we live in and want to succeed at a higher level of performance with an articulated and enthusiastic team.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for years or if you’re just starting out, the Next Stage World gathering will help you transform your thinking, your business models and your impact.
Our holistic process will help you see more of the complexity that your organisation is operating in. It will stretch you as a leader taking you to your own next stage and developmental edge.


Day I

• Purpose: what you and your team want and need in practice

Day II

• Exploring the field: what your stakeholders want and need

• Revisiting or reinventing your business model

Day IV
• Reinventing your organisation: structure, processes, talent

Day V
• Learning by doing: prototyping
Setting up the living infrastructure for implementation

For more details about the Erasmus+ Funding and the NSW Programme you can Download our PDF Next Stage World Gathering –  Practical Dimensions of your Leadership


At every Gathering there have been teams participating from organisations, consultancies, professional partnerships and social networks that are leading and pioneering the next stage.
Attending as a team is a highly effective way to immerse in your organisation’s purpose, needs and next-stage of development together, to enjoy being hosted by the place,
the hosting team and other participants – all whilst benefiting from the cross-fertilization of ideas, concepts, resources and collaborations.

Funding through Erasmus+

If you’re from the EU or European economic area, your team might benefit from a close to full funding under Erasmus+. For team rates available for organisations and any enquiries, please email us at: .

Feel what it's like by watching our video.

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The Venue: Aretanassa Hotel

This is the Aretanassa Hotel, the gathering’s venue.

Retreat and Connect

A boat journey carries you out of the business and distraction of everyday life.

You arrive to the undisturbed atmosphere of Halki, a small island in Greece.

This idyllic space has the capacity to host our souls as well as our greatest collective potential and intelligence to emerge. It seems apt to honour, heal and let go of the past that no longer serves us in this setting, as we lean into the present to nurture the saplings that are growing and plant more seeds.


Booking takes less than 2 minutes, no hidden fees or charges. 

We have a limited capacity of 50 people. Don’t miss out!

Also, check out the Erasmus+ page for funding posibilities

and the Generosity Economy Frame

More on the purpose…

“The work of the coming decades is not the work of manufacturing, of software development, or of retail seduction, it is the work of caring. Caring for each other and the biosphere. In that care there is the hope of finding new ways of making sense of our own vitality.  The work ahead is not clear or clean. It requires intense integrity, patience in ambiguity, fierce dedication, raw vulnerability, bleeding humility, and the poetry of explorers.” ~ Nora Bateson

You are invited. into a gathering of leaders pioneering the Next Stage of Organisations and practice in them, teamwork and development; the Next Stage of Work, Relating and Life at a systemic level.

We strive to a new, profound awareness about purpose and meaning in service of the whole as leaders in organisations, citizens, human beings.

“Rested, we are ready for the world but not held hostage by it, rested we care again for the right things and the right people in the right way. In rest we reestablish the goals that make us more generous, more courageous, more of an invitation, someone we want to remember, and someone others would want to remember too.” ~ David Whyte

We rest and rejoice the quality of peacefulness and the learning within beauty, well-designed process, simplicity and emergence. This quality of experience allows and enables navigating in complexity, collective wisdom for common and differentiated issues to find solutions for the current intensity of the times we live and work within. 

• We become witnesses of the breakthroughs, the challenges, the enquiries we are on connecting at a deeper level with each other
• We practice collaborative ways integral to holistic wellbeing
• We support each other in the courageous steps forward towards the Next Stage
• We learn from the wisdom of nature
• We learn from the emergent future inspiring innovation
We  implement and inspire new practices that support teamwork and fulfilment . These practices are created by care and interdependence within the organisational, social systems both protecting planet and life and being guided by nature.

We build a protective yet profoundly transformative learning space and culture that can further host an ongoing global community of Next Stage practitioners. 

NSW 2019 Participants Testimonials

On a personal point of view, this week was really an ‘unlocking experience’ - esp. the world café which let to 2 concrete projects that I have already started.. On a global point of view, this was for me a deep and rich reconnection to my community and the discovering of several very nice people. Looking forward to the next event !
Anne, Belgium
The event really brings you in slow motion and introspection. It works both on your inner self and is focused on the actions that you take as a professional. I returned home in a different state. A friend told me right after I got back: "the plane has landed but not you.
Mathieu, France
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