May 2020 – Halki, Greece

Next Stage World

Leaders creating next stage organisations

Next Stage World

The Global Gathering of Organisation Leaders and Reinventors

Photo: Monolithos panorama, Rhodes, Greece by April 2017 member Steffen Frischat

The Gatherings

Five days in retreat + online sessions

11 - 15 May 2020

Halki, Greece

These turbulent times have spurred many to undertake a quest: how do we become more whole and human, more fit to purpose, more flexible and resilient in this frontier century? Guided by evolution, some pioneers and reinventors are living their answer in the form of innovative practices supporting the wholeness of ‘I’ and ‘We,’ shifting away from the rigid control structures of the past, and embracing the elegant practices of distributed leadership and self-management emerging from the future.

Next Stage World gathers together as a global community of these practitioners and leaders, entrepreneurs and teams establishing themselves in these new habits of working and being. Together with other next-stage practitioners and innovators, you will bend the beam of your observation into the practical dimensions of your leadership: from the interior work of developing Self and embodying self-lead culture, to the exterior work of structure and process within organizations.

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Our Purpose

What is the 'Next Stage?'

A better world has existed as a possibility glimmering in our collective conscious for some time. Only recently have emergent, innovative organizational forms and practices (like Teal, Responsive Org, B-Corp, etc) made a “next stage” of living and working visible. And yet, how do people and organizations actually make the leap from one stage to the next?  NSW exists as a space where pioneers and leaders embarked on a journey towards next-stage versions of themselves and their organizations advance their learning edges together. We meet as colleagues and community, sourcing the wisdom concentrated in our collective intelligence, transforming our insights beyond theory and into next-stage practice.


Your Burning Questions + Community Intelligence = Evolutionary Action

In every NSW gathering participants bring their most present challenges and up-to-the-minute questions into the foreground. Using processes that evoke the collective intelligence in the room, we capture and harvest our insights and make our learning visible across the levels of individual, organizational, and ecosystemic scale. From these insights we further refine our questions, discover new insights and resources, and commit to action.


Retreats happen over the course of five days, and take place in locations that inspire and embody the next stage of our personal and collective development. Recent gatherings have been held on the Greek island of Rhodes, with the most recent happening in collaboration with the lively hospitality of the rural village of Monolithos.


Day 1

We meet the community of people and place, source our present challenges and develop our questions

Day 2

We open ourselves up to our questions through group process, inviting the unexpected to emerge

Day 3

We explore the place and community holding the gathering, sourcing the wholeness of self and system

Day 4

We integrate our explorations with our questions via Open Space and group process

Day 5

We sense the next elegant steps emerging from our exploration and commit to action

Some Participant Topics from Past Gatherings

  • Talent building for a self-management culture
  • CEO leadership at the next stage
  • Engaging whole systems with self-managing meeting designs: Open Space, WorldCafé, Circle
  • Upgrading Teal’s advice process with Action Learning
  • Natural farming principles as a metaphor for Teal leadership
  • Using mind and body sensations to test and explore open, complex issues
  • Mentoring meeting practices using the Art of Hosting
  • Reinventing mentoring at the next stage of development
  • Working with different levels of consciousness in the same organisation or team 
  • Developing next-stage working structures at scale
  • Tools and infrastructure to support the next stage



Community Calls

Insight to Action in 90 minutes

A global community can’t always be within arm’s reach, but in today’s world we’re always a call away. NSW hosts conversations online, focusing on a single practice of collective intelligence for pioneers exploring the next stage. These calls offer:

  • A “retreat in miniature” – collective intelligence practices to turn learning into next stage action
  • A process you can share back with your entire organization
  • A monthly rhythm for connecting with the global community
  • A space to prepare yourself and your team for the upcoming retreat
  • Options to attend for different timezones
  • Faces familiar and new on a similar reinvention journey


When you register for a call, we’ll send you a Zoom link. Click this link a few minutes before the call to download the lightweight Zoom client, which will take you directly into the session. Want to download it ahead of time? Click here.


A lightweight video app that installs in seconds; you can also connect via phone


What is the NSW community learning from the gatherings?


APRIL 2017

Welcome to Monolithos. The second Next Stage World Gathering held by an island, a village, a community.

Highlights of the Harvest:

  • The questions each NSW participant brought to the gathering
  • Pictures and Video from each day
  • Graphic Recordings available for high quality download
  • Transcripts of our learning session debriefs
    Open Space sessions


Organizations expanding the boundaries of a next stage world



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